Fishing up toward Creede Today

Today brought about more welcome showers in the mountains around South Fork and Creede and it was a nice cool day to be outdoors. I drove up toward Creede and did some target practice on the public land in that direction. I had bought a new .22 rifle and wanted to see how it shot and get the scope sighted in.

On the way back, I stopped in some Gold Medal Water and fished for about an hour. As I exited the truck I was surprised to see a large number of Green Drake flies buzzing around me and landing on my shirt sleeve. Stepping into the water I immediately was into fish and had fun with the browns that came to my hand. Most were in the 14 inch range and just a tad too large to keep if a person was fishing for supper. In that section the limit is two fish, twelve inches and shorter. I have talked about this before in a previous blog but if you are wanting some good eating trout, I suggest the local area lakes or the brook trout from the small streams high up in the mountain. I have learned to get a huge amount of pleasure from catch and release fishing now and most of the time its all about the strike and not actually keeping fish.  

The picture was taken from one of the bridges along the river and it shows the low water levels being experienced at this time. This section is usually a great raft ride with white water and as you can see, there isn't much there now. There are rumors that the Rio Grande Reservoir is under some kind of construction or repairs and maybe they are holding water for that activity. That and the drought is sure to have had an impact.  

However, the fish are still in the river and streams even if they are low. The low levels allows a person to wade much easier but takes a lot smaller fly and more careful presentation. The water is gin clear and the fish can see a long ways and will spot you if you are not careful.  

Today the size 14 Green Drake on top with a Pheasant Tail nymph in a size 10 did the job and 7 gorgeous browns graced my attempts, being released to fight another day.  

The fires continue to be a concern no doubt, but if you are wanting some first rate fishing, don't be afraid to come out and enjoy it. The activity is far from town and from the best parts of the river and you will be safe if you choose to fish here. I can connect you with motels or lodges and some good fishing spots if you want to contact me.  


Rio Grande River

Rio Grande River