Logger Days in South Fork 2

Yesterday brought over 20 contestants from as far away as Arkansas, Arizona and other state to vie for the title of best logger. The competitions were great and fun to watch. Today will wrap up the competition with point totals from both days determining the winners. I will share more after the results are in.

I was asked to be the announcer both days and it was fun yesterday to get to know the competitors and other ppl helping with the event. One thing they did was the sawdust scramble.  

In this event, toys and money were hidden in as sawdust pile and kids got to try and find it. After the event, the parents got to search the sawdust for their kids...hah. They were fun to watch and I believe every child found something of value to them.  

If you are close, come on over and watch at 11 as the loggers saw, cut and climb.