Creede Colorado and Papoose Fire

Last night I had a chance to catch up with a businessman from creede and it was a welcome meeting as his was the first house threatened by that fire and saved by a miracle.

The firefighters had already foamed the house in preparation for the fire moving thru and he said it was no more than 200 feet from the door when miraculously, the wind switched and drove the flames back. There are many stories like that and we can only thank providence for those kinds of salvations from disaster. While I do not understand why some are saved and others not, I am always thankful for the ones that are.  

He is forming a support network and envisions 10 teams or more that will specialize in areas that they are trained in or have expertise. While the efforts by the Federal Government are to be applauded, the local firefighters and law enforcement and others have been left to fend for themselves and he wants to form a support group to help those men and women in all the ways they can. 

He has been able to miraculously get a cell tower installed on Bristol Head Peak and the entire valley will now have cell service including the firefighters. Many thanks to his efforts. 

If you want to be involved with this effort, please contact me and I will get you to the proper persons. This is going to be a months long effort we are told and maybe into the snow season to finally extinguish all the smoldering fires.  

We are in the worst drought in recorded history and the trees are not only dry but also a good part of the forest is dead from beetle kill infestation. So the efforts of the men on the ground are hampered by those conditions.  

I plan on another fishing expedition today and will post the results later tonight. We are trying to find out the conditions of the trails and what is open so we can do some more higher mountain exploring. My friends are planning an ATV ride also this week and I will report on their adventures soon also.  

The weekend is coming on fast so find someplace to get outside and enjoy mother nature. kk