Colorado Weather

Looks like my friends are getting hammered out there with the latest snowstorm. Its a godsend to the ski industry and also the farmers and wildlife for the resulting runoff that will occur next spring. This will make the fishing good, sustain the streams and renew many of the lakes there.

The lakes and the river are now freezing over and unless you are hard core, this ends your fishing for the year. Many of my friends do ice fish and it seems that the fish are really susceptible to being caught through the ice. Personally, I don't like ice fishing as its just not worth the effort. But if you live there, it does make for a great day out of the house and if the sun is shining, its actually warm out on the lakes. Pick a no wind day and ask the local tackle shops what the fish are biting on. Rainbow grocery in South Fork is always a good place to stop and ask and the manager there is super helpful.

The fly shop there at The Shaft also a great place to find out current conditions. If its not open just ask for Brad, the owner of The Shaft. He knows it all.

WInter came calling here in Texas. Going to get to 11 degrees Monday night so my fishing is over here. I caught a few crappie and small bass before this hit but had to work on the boat so didn't get out on the big lakes yet.

Keep me posted on your successes and if you include a photo I will post it on the blog here.