Dallas Texas Ice Storm

Recently I have been in the Dallas area visiting my son. When I arrived the weather was superb but I had to work on the boat that my son keeps for us and so I didn't get out on the lake when I should have.

Of course, about the time I got it all fixed up Texas had record breaking cold snap come through and it has been cold ever since. The lakes also are at record lows and very hard to access.

My friend Mike put in a small one man bass boat and had to drag it over the mud at the ramp and about killed himself getting in and out. I guess it was funny as heck. He gets a tad agitated and by the time he got done, the police had been called as bystanders thought he was deranged swearing at his boat. You have to know him to appreciate the humor in this but just imagine how it probably looked. He was covered head to toe in stinky lake bottom mud.

I was just east of Dallas and got about 1 inch of ice but at Denton, just north of town proper, they got over 4 inches of ice. The roads became impassable and remained that way for 4 to 5 days. The picture shows the interstate I-35 as a parking lot. They had to just park their trucks and cars and leave them for 4 days.

Its warming again into the 50's so even that deep ice will be gone fast. Prior to this the temps were in the 80's so the ground is still warm and will heat it up from the bottom up.

As you can imagine, people in Dallas don't usually get this weather so they just don't know how to drive in it. There were over 1,000 wrecks the first day. Good for the repair shops.


I-35 Interstate Highway North of Dallas