Kansas Deer Hunt

Finished two weeks bowhunting in Kansas. When I arrive, unknown to me, they decided to have a two day GUN HUNT for does during bow season. This made the deer extremely flighty and nervous and I had a hard time getting close to any deer. I finally took a long long shot and missed and that was the end of Kansas for me.

This was uncalled for and caused a complete change in the deer habits and actions. They immediately went to their night time patterns and moved far into the wheat fields and milo fields far from any cover to hunt in. I am sure in heavy timber areas, there is still opportunity but where I was hunting, there was not.

Very disappointed with Kansas and will have to think about any further hunts there in the future.  

Of course I have to watch where I shoot as I have problems getting a deer out now days. But at least I got to try and a chance to use the crossbow.