Thanksgiving 2013

Today I am thinking a lot about Thanksgivings past and how things have changed from the times we used to go to our grandparents homes and all meet there for a dinner. Then it was my turn to host since I had a big house and we did that for many years along with my sisters also hosting. All there, all laughing and having fun. The men often would hunt in the morning then come in for a late afternoon dinner.

Now the kids are scattered and thanksgiving just isn't the same for me of course. And probably not for most folks. We go into our twilight years and things change so fast with ppl living so far apart.

I will get to be with Paula and her family and am so thankful for that. Her brother and his wife and their child, Paula, her dad Shot and mom Billie and probably about half the town of Aubrey Texas may be there also. They are related to all 800 of those people there in some way or another.

Its not the same but its all good too. I am so thankful for so many things this year. May God bless each of you today and every day and may we also bless others around us.