Gold Fever Calling Men Downward - Poetry

Men seeking shelter, scamper through the abyss

Rock falling, shafts closing, a sharp scream of agony hurrying them faster

to safe havens ahead.

Dust, rock and suffocating heat settle over miners as fans fail and darkness invades

the depths of the works, lines to the surface now severed.

Silence envelopes crews, the earth now resting again.

Slowly, shouting, distant voices calling out names of friends, down distant tunnels.

Miners slowly picking their way upward on paths strewn with rocks and danger at every


Cold dark clouds scurry across the leaden sky

Pulling hopes and dreams from hearts burdened now with more

than daily cares.

Long dark descent into the gaping heart of the earth

Damp, errie noises constant companiions to the men below.

Rock, unforgiving, sharp missles against human flesh,

Dig, dig, dig, toil never ceases

Searching for loved ones yet unfound below.

Creaking timbers strain against the eons of time

Rumbling, groaning sheer faces slip and move together

Shouts accompanying their struggle, echoing through the tunnels

A ghostly and fearful sound.

Clanging bells signal the shaft elevator once again reaching into the bowels

of the earth

Hope rises in hearts, thoughts of home rush suddenly upon each buried soul.

Long taught cables draw men upward, the surface beckoning sweet memories and hope.

Each man counted and shouts of joy resound through the canyon as friend

join together in counting blessing shared.

Repairs made so quickly, shafts great bounty calling men back,

Dig, dig, dig riches await thee

Deep in the bosom of earth they await.

Father to son and on it transpires,

Long search for riches or wages for hire.

Miners keep looking, eyes always upward,

Never to stop and never to tire.


Creede Colorado Mine