Fall Travel

Its that time of year again when I hit the road to see the kids and find some fishing adventures somewhere farther south. I am living full time in my RV now and looking for a new one that is 4 seasons. When I began this adventure, I didn't think I would be living full time in an RV but alas, here I am now.

Its been a full year now since I moved into the RV and its okay altho not what I call home. I know everyone says home is where you make it but they all have a HOUSE too. I will find a home base some day but until then, have to keep doing this for awhile. It gives me the freedom to live close to both of my kids for extended periods of time and I guess those 4 months are worth the other 8 living in the camper alone. It is what it is.


I do get to see some wonderful country, meet some awesome people and fish places I only could dream of if living in one locale. My health is okay still at least for what I am doing at the present time as I don't push too hard ever.  

I will go to Kansas first and see the family there and attend a wedding of my niece, Lindsay. Then off to the races as I head south to be close to my son and grand daughter for two months, I hope to catch some fish along the way and will try and post regularly on here about my adventures.  

The weather change came here in Colorado and its 23 at night and 60 in the daytime. You cant ask for anything nicer than that. Keep in touch with me and enjoy the winter travels as I will be in new locales soon.  

I didn't get a moose this year.