New RV

Well I went and finally did it and bought a new adventure wagon. Like the old pioneers, I am in my conestoga wagon and on the road to new hunting and fishing adventures. I had looked extensively on the internet and finally took a side trip through Denver to look at one. While there, I found an even nicer one for just $1,000 more and went ahead and splurged and got a big old 37 footer.

While most of you might think this is too big for me, its my home for now and I was so worn out living in the smaller one, I bought what felt right. My girlfriend wasn't a fan of this one as she prefers smaller but it was my choice and I know when she is with me its easier for two ppl in a larger unit. The last one I had was only a one butt kitchen and was horrible. That means you can only get one butt in the kitchen at a time. hah.  

So now I am set for a good winter, warm and cozy and sitting here with the fireplace going and a movie on while the day rages outside.  

I am at Cedar Bluff Lake in Kansas bow hunting. The years I lived near this lake it was superb deer country but talking to the managers here, they say the numbers have really gone down. Scouting has proven them correct.  

I talked to another hunter from far NE Kansas too. He is here as he said that the EHD is killing the herd there. Its a brain parasite called Epozootic Hemorraghic Disease. You can google it and find out more info but I know of 150 elk in Colorado that died this summer due to the same organism. So we are in trouble folks. This may explain the low elk and deer numbers being found all over the country.

I would never think anyone would come this far west to hunt except that the deer have just been wiped out back east. Eastern Kansas was always a hot bed for great deer hunting in the recent past.  

I will stay here for a few days and try and find some deer then move on to Wilson Lake still in Kansas and try there. Then its on to see my Dad and a wedding in Lawrence, Ks. Paula will join me there and it will be such a relief to have some help with the daily chores. Since being hurt, I notice that I prob do need some help at times. So a good friend or good woman is great to find. She will be able to travel with me for awhile and at least help me to get to my sons house in Texas.  

Once there fishing will commence in earnest and the winter will pass quickly.